How to Avoid AdSense Ban

1. Do not use your IP that has logged into Google Analytics to click on the advertisements on the website by yourself. This is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate suspension of your AdSense account. The Google AdSense system is able to recognize the IP address associated with your Google Analytics account and associate it with your AdSense account.

2. Always maintain a normal CTR. Click-through rate (CTR) is a measure of the number of clicks an ad receives compared to the number of impressions it receives. While CTR will vary by website type and audience, maintaining a healthy CTR is crucial to avoid getting banned from AdSense. A CTR that is too high or too low may attract attention and lead to a review of your account by AdSense.

3. Ensure normal dwell time on page. A low time on page may indicate that users are not interested in your content, while a high time on page may indicate click fraud or invalid traffic. Therefore, ensuring proper time on page is crucial by creating engaging content, optimizing your website’s design and layout, and promoting a positive user experience.

4. Google AdSense also monitors the distribution of IP addresses visiting your website. A sudden increase in a particular IP address or location could attract attention and lead to account suspension. Therefore, a reasonable IP distribution is very necessary, which can make the detection system think that this is a natural/real situation as much as possible.

5. AdSense has strict policies and guidelines that publishers must follow to avoid being banned from the program. Publishers must ensure that their sites comply with AdSense policies regarding content, ad placement, and user experience. Failure to comply with these policies may result in account suspension, which is difficult to undo

All in all, AdSense has become the main source of income for many website owners and bloggers, and it is arguably the most worthwhile advertising network to invest in right now. Reasonable use of TrafficBotPro to automate clicking AdSense is sure to be profitable.