The Safest Traffic Bot So Far

For making traffic/ page views and clicks, the most important part is safety.

Then, we have to know what is browser fingerprint: 

Browser fingerprinting is a term used to describe the act of discreetly gathering software and device settings data through an internet user's browser when they're online. This combination of settings is then used to build a unique identity – or 'fingerprint' – for that individual.

Actually, there are lots of traffic bots on the Internet: Epic traffic bot/ tornado traffic bot/ spring traffic etc… 

However, do they really safe?

In response to this problem, we can actually test these bots directly on the fingerprint detection websites such as:

https://whoer.net/ and http://browserleaks.com/ 

Let’s take whoer.net as an example, if it is not 100% safe on whoer.net, which means the browser is not unique and safe: 

What we can do with TrafficBotPro.com?

TBP handles browser fingerprinting in a completely native way. Instead of trying to prevent a website from reading your computer's fingerprint, it allows it to be read, but replaces your original fingerprint with a different one. When you use a proxy IP, the software is completely different from other software that only works by adding a proxy on your browser, it will match settings such as time zone, language, DNS and location to your proxy IP.

100% safe on whoer.net! 

To be honest, there are lots of software that can make traffic/ page views faster than TrafficBotPro, they just don’t need to open the window, but just to change the UA and resolution, Google will easily recognize it.

Speed is not everything, quality is king!

TrafficBotPro is always updating and maintaining its anti-detection system frequently, and there is the safest traffic bot on the market so far!